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13th November, 2013

“Home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household”

“Home relates to a place where one lives”

“Home signifies family or social unit occupying permanent residence.”

These are sanguine elucidation that Oxford dictionary endeavors when we explore “Home”. But when we define “home”, we refer it more as a domicile where we can be ourselves, a place which always waits for us even after entire world’s despondency. And when the momentous adjudication regarding espousing our homes comes we ought to be superfluously-prudent. There starts the endless search for the ideal place which is worth to be called “The home”, followed by enduring displeasure, torment and debilitation and then such advertisements comes to our rescue and highlights the solution…….


Project Type





Ansal Housing


Sector-103,Dwarka Expressway

2/3/4 BHK

1350-2400 Sq. ft

58 Lac-1 Cr

Spire world


Sector-103,Dwarka Expressway

2/3 BHK

1460-2208 Sq. ft

58-90 Lac

M3M India

Luxury Apartment

Sector-107,Dwarka Expressway

2/3/4 BHK

1250-2400 Sq ft

57 Lac-1.10 Cr

Puri Construction

Ultra Luxury Apartment

Sector-111,Dwarka Expressway

3/4/8 BHK

1700-4500 Sq ft

1.25-3.25 Cr




Such advertisement gives us a sigh of relief adorning the leading newspapers.

Dwarka Expressway, the north peripheral road, a proposal passed by Haryana Urban development Authority (HUDA) is an eight lane expressway. It connects to the capital city blending tranquility and ambient-living together. With camouflaging 16 new residential sectors and encompassing SEZs, this 180 Km 150-metre commodious road joins NH-8 liable to touch commercial corridor, Harsaru Dry Port that has been the place of stalwart IT/ITES sector amplification.

Real Estate prodigious like DLF, Puri Construction, Ramprastha and Spire edge have interpolated the Dwarka Expressway as their next impending investment arena.

The looming malls, scholastic institutes, amusement destination has added sublimity to the already illustrious Dwarka Expressway. Though the property in Dwarka Expressway palpates soaring rates but a consecutive higher imploration clearly signifies that it makes to the list of desirable top-notch properties across globe. The appropriation of the land in Dwarka expressway is capable of being fragmented in such a way that it can be developed into individual communities. From skyscraper to affordable residential homes, from humongous plots to ultra-luxury apartments Dwarka Expressway succors it all on its trencher.

With such world class projects lined up for the future, Dwarka Expressway is the next voluminous affair on the real estate map. The heavenly abode is no longer solely “The Land of Kanha” but also narrates that it can add much more to its auriferous pages of its effulgent past.

Dwarka-Manesar Expressway

Date: 24th June’12

Long gone are those days when going to Dwarka meant endless hours of travelling. Thus the thought of commuting to Dwarka gave one shivers. But if the sources are to believed then Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has proposed that the humongous investment of 120-crore in the form of Dwarka-Manesar Expressway will surely zero in such a problem. The upcoming project will also do away with the traffic problems prevalent majorly in Dwarka and certain portions of West Delhi. Dwarka Manesar Expressway is a long due answer to all communication and augmentation questions.

SB Pathak, Director Planning, DDA quoted that though the Dwarka-Manesar project is yet to commence but the officials are positive towards it. The proposed project will connect to NH-8 and work from the Dwarka end is yet to start. The Expressway will be connected to the upcoming Inter State Bus Terminal also encompassing Bhartal Village. On the Expressway been executed near Sector-21 the residents of Dwarka are on cloud nine. One of such residents Mrs. Amita Verma of sector-22 says that it will ease the communication to Gurgaon which was a much needed development. Gurgaon will also have a BRT Corridor like Delhi which will fix the traffic problems.

Though it is an acceptable fact that many such road proposals face bottlenecks after such initial enthusiasm, this is probably because of the unmanageable workload and lack of delegation of authority. The proposed project is no new to such bottlenecks, though it will soon be solved as the court’s clearance is underway. To do away with the problem of division of workload, Haryana Urban development Authority (HUDA) and Delhi development Authority (DDA) has joined hands. The Haryana Urban Development Authority will look forward to the work at Gurgaon end and Delhi Development Authority will look the work at the Delhi end.

The expressway proposed will pass through Sector- 113, 103, 102, 37D and 88 of Gurgaon. Like many other turnkey projects this is even facing certain bottlenecks. The proposed expressway has a long way to travel and majority of its completion dreams is conjectural, but this has not deterred the real estate biggies to shriek away from carrying residential and other investment ventures. These residential and luxury property projects will be in proximity to Air-Port being an added idiosyncrasy.

With all such unparallel augmentation, Dwarka Manesar expressway puts India’s step forward towards the journey of transition from developing to developed nation.