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Plot or Apartment Which is Best for Future Investment

6th June, 2019
Are you interested in investing? Investing in the Residential Property or Commercial Property or Ultra Luxury ? Then you are in the right place. Investing capital has no doubt been the safest way to preserve as well as let it grow at the same time. Investment plans for our second property shred us apart with indecisiveness whether to choose with land or apartments.

Both the aspects come with their own advantages and demerits. Where land can be constructed into a house by one’s convenience similarly the same may lack in security and some other essential requisites. It ultimately depends on one needs and self-satisfaction to ahead as per their choice. To help you decide better, the following article will wear the necessary criteria along with a relevant Comparison Between the Three Property investment aspects and find out best Lease payment option in the above three .
1. Ease of Modification
An individual can alter or shape his-her plot into a house or any building flexible and conveniently without any restriction and even at any time, However, the alteration facility is way far in reach of an apartment. The apartment does have well-defined structures and just requires individuals to thrive in.
2. Post-Purchase Value

There is no doubt that land property swells its value with time and ultimately benefits its lord. Where an apartment may or may not help to raise your exact investment. It somehow subdues its value with time due to various aspects worth attributable.
3. Risk of Encroachment

Besides investing in extreme bulks no one would expect rather want others to trespass or may ultimately encroach their territory. Hence, Lands as Compared to Apartments, are more prone to confiscation which may lead to name registration conflicts and ultimately turns out to be no less than a headache. Apartments where have no risk of either trespassing and or encroachment.
4. Quality Construction 

One can monitor one’s plot while construction hence he/she may construct and have an access to the quality and other quality checks to be done whereas apartments are not built in one presence may somehow lack in quality and may lead to various disruptions in future which in turn will demand for future investment for its repairing.
5. Security 
Security is another aspect to be looked upon. Land property due to its remote locality may lack proper security systems whereas investment into an apartment would ensure you with its high-end security as well as regular scrutiny to enable well being of its residents. Security comes to be a negligent aspect but after all one’s security is one's priority.
6. Taxing and Finance Structure
As it is well known, it has become quite tough for one to get his/her loan approved hence it has become quite tough for a person no withholding a sound financial backbone. Moreover, the government lands taxation policies to do also make it a cumbersome process. Shifting towards apartments. One can easily get one's loan approved with hardly any difficulties and can begin a new life under a new and secure roof.
7. Other Relevant Aspects
Choosing for Land or Flat has much more to do beyond security and pricing. The land is considered convenient and a headache at the same time. People prefer pre-prepared houses. No doubt one can build it as per his satisfaction but one can also search according to his desires. Water facility, parking area, electricity systems, backup structures, locality, and spaciousness. One cannot put these to negligence bar when truly investing in tons.
Blog Overview

Refer the table below for a simplified difference between the facilities and drawbacks of Land-Plots or apartments.

Essential Aspects



Resale Value

Its value increases easily and quickly

Apartments experience a slow rate in its value incrementation


Confiscation of encroachment risks

No risks as such

Construction convenience

Flexible building structures

Quite limited construction or alteration possible


It takes quite long and is tough to get a loan approved

One can easily get the loan under this aspect


It no doubts possess less security

It generally has a quite backup security system


Remote profile halts its ease of access

It ensures easy accessibility

Extra Income

It may not provide any output till it gets a solid structure

Apartments If kept on rent may provide a few sums from tenants.

Overall Say:

All in all, it somehow depends on an individual’s viewpoint meeting one's desires and necessities in order to take a mile ahead in investing their capital to possible ensure lucrative and beneficial outcomes. After all a proper should benefit not a deficit.